Thursday, October 26, 2006

I cheated today

I went to a strip joint today. A coworker said get in the car, that we had to go somewhere. I kind of knew what he was up to. He pulled up to the strip joint around the corner from our work. He had another co-worker in the car. This other guy was one of those hard working do the right thing Central American. We were on company time.

Anyway we were sitting there not even one minute and there was a girl by each of us. We were the only ones in there. Well this is not an erotic blog, but she came right out and said for a hundred we could go in the back and she'd take care of me. I went to the Atm and told her I only had 80 and she said ok.

I'm a married man. I admit this isn't the first time I cheated. Well it's the first time I had intercourse and I feel guilty, but as I get older, (I'm 35) I'm starting to realize how powerful is the male sexuality. I watch that Dateline special and you see all those guys ruining their lives over this power that takes control of men. I think either men shouldn't get married or they are sick.

Well sick is overdoing it I guess, but I look at way too much porn on the Internet. I read one time that Oscar Wilde said the only way to get rid of a temptation is to give into it.

Anyway I created this blog, though it's unlikely that many will read it, as their are millions of them out there, but I truly would like to hear from people about their infidelities. Not the sex part really, but their moral thoughts on it, how it affects their lives and overall thoughts on this thing that controls men.